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We specialise in different types of stamps. For example, printing blocks, also called hot foil stamps, or branding stamps. This last one can be used with an electric burner in interchangeable forms. There are also classic branding stamps.



All kinds of stamps

Marking punches are for materials such as concrete and wood. Embossing stamps are used for embossing on paper. These are available in both manual and electrical versions.

Our punch or press stamps consist of standard hard steel sets. A glue gun can be used for stamping and sealing envelopes. For making master stamps, a stamp signature for jewellery manufacturers, we are officially recognised by the Royal Mint of Belgium.


Borad choice

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Printing blocks

  • in brass
  • also called hot foil stamping, embossing or relief stamp

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Branding stamps

  • we are EPAL-approved branding stamp manufacturers
  • in brass, cast bronze, cast iron and steel
  • range of electric hand burners that we can provide with an interchangeable branding stamp
  • classic branding stamp with handle and wooden handle also possible

Embossing stamps

  • for embossing of official documents such as diplomas, passports or vouchers
  • for embossing on paper, presenting the text or image in relief
  • for various paper thicknesses and both manual and electric
  • also called relief or hot foil stamps

Marking punches

  • for various materials such as concrete and wood, with the appropriate inks
  • for IPPC codes on pallets
  • for marking concrete slabs, with a roller stamp for easy text replacement

Punch stamps

  • standard hard steel sets: numbers and alphabet or fully customised
  • edging wheels in brass or steel
  • also called press stamps

Wax seal stamps

  • with glue gun for quickly sealing envelopes with stamp and sealing wax
  • for birth announcements or wedding invitations
  • also for official documents with monograms, logos or text of your choice
  • with a stylish wooden handle

Master stamps

  • approved by the Royal Belgian Mint as a manufacturer of master stamps (stamp signature) for jewellery manufacturers
  • you provide us with the design approved by the Assay Office, we manufacture the legal set (master stamp, die and copper plate with imprints)

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We are official distributor


  • Text, date, number and word band stamps or make your own stamps
  • Single or multicoloured
  • We distribute the professional, printy, classic and typomatic lines.
  • Replaceable ink pad and self-inking
  • Multicolour impression: several colours in one stamp impression

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  • We are distributors of Reiner.
  • Ultra-strong with indelible, oil-based ink
  • Metal frame and mechanism: ideal for everyday use
  • Automatic staggered counting mechanism
  • Electronic stamps according to own programmed stamp pattern

Discover our office stamps


Office stamps

We have a large range of office stamps: for the classic office stamp, we have static stamps, e.g. text stamps, on the one hand, and dynamic stamps, e.g. date and number stamps, on the other. We are authorised distributor of top brands Reiner and Trodat. We also offer advanced fully automatic stamps such as digital ink stamps, automatic numbering and perforation stamps.

From Trodat, we offer a range of hand stamps and self-inking number and word band stamps (Printy and Professional line). The text line is central to the stamp, texts and numbers are manually rotated. We also have classic hand stamps, with a wooden frame and a separate ink pad.



Standard or personalised

For standard stamps, we have the Reiner range. Finally, we also have control nippers, such as hole punch pliers to devalue or punch documents, admission tickets, date cards, transport passes, etc. and control stamps with ink for quality control or indicating a production date.

In turn, our text and logo stamps are fully personalised. We offer both classic hand stamps and Trodat's self-inking systems. Do you prefer a metal stamp? These are custom-made in brass or steel and used for e.g. postal services, ministries, slaughterhouses, customs, banks...