Mauquoy medailles

Brandingstamps for the pallet manufacturer

✓ Fire stamps for on pallets and other wooden packaging.
✓ Experience for EPAL certified companies
✓ Usually delivered within 8-10 working days in Belgium and the Netherlands.
✓ 100% solid material.

Specialist in fire stamps! With +145 years of experience and an ardent team, we know what it takes to make quality fire stamps ourselves.


We are an EPAL approved fire stamp manufacturer

Brandstamps with the EPAL or ISPM15 logo?

Want to have a fire stamp made with the EPAL or ISPM 15 certification mark to burn on your pallets? Then an electric fire stamp is just what you need.


Is your brandingstamp plate worn out?

Re-order your fire stamp plate

Want to have a new fire stamping plate made with the EPAL or ISPM15 logo to burn on your wooden pallets? No problem, we are an EPAL approved fire stamping manufacturer and will make your new fire stamping plate from 100% solid material.

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Branding stamps, what exactly are they?

Branding stamps are electric stamps that leave a permanent mark on wood and other materials. They are made of materials that can handle high temperatures, such as brass, cast bronze and stainless steel.

These stamps are mainly used to mark wooden pallets, such as europallets, or to burn a logo on wooden packaging.

Want to have a fire stamp made with the EPAL or ISPM 15 logo? Then an electric fire stamp is just what you need.


Electric brandingstamps

We recommend a fire stamp of up to 160 mm to ensure optimal heat.


For EPAL and ISPM 15

Do you want to mark euro pallets? Or are you looking for a stamp for EPAL and ISMP 15? At Mauquoy, we have the qualities to make these fire stamps for EPAL certified companies.


Dovetail electric hand burners

Do you have several stamps? Our hand burners can be finished with a dovetail. This is a slot where you insert your burner stamp. This makes it easy to change stamps.


Just need a stamping plate?

Do you already have a heating appliance? Our craftsmen also make loose fire stamps with your EPAL or ISPM 15 inspection mark.

Discover all our brandstamping devices

Would you like to buy a fire-stamping device in addition to a personalised stamp? Then you might as well come to us for that. We have hand burners of 400, 800 and 1200 watts.


Brandingstamp K2000 (400W)

  • Length 370 mm
  • Weight 2 kg
  • Ready to use in 20 min.
  • Cord 1,5 m
  • Max size stamp width 120 mm

Your ISPM15 certification mark as an ink stamp or spray stencil

In some cases, it is easier to work with an ink stamp or a spray stencil to apply your inspection mark. Mauquoy can help you with that too. Send us your certificate number and we will get to work for you.