Mauquoy medailles

When our machines lend a hand

After more than 145 years, the techniques we use are more extensive than ever. 

Even though we still swear by the ancient methods of engraving and pressing, we combine these with state-of-the-art tools. 

We have truly skilled workers!


For pressing solid materials such as medals, we use various presses.

They range from toggle presses with 180 and 360 tonnes to hydraulic presses with 1250 tonnes. We also have various mechanical punching machines of up to 100 tonnes.

Both our presses and punching machines can be controlled completely automatically. This ensures that your medal is produced very accurately and precisely.

Would you like to have a die made and engraved? Then we use our reduction benches.

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Engraving with machining techniques

Our high-tech production workshop is full of mechanical milling and engraving machines.

From pantograph engravers to CNC router engravers with an engraving range of up to 2000 x 1000 mm and various milling machines and lathes – we have them all in-house.

And with the right tools and expertise, we promise you a quality finish.


Marking with laser machines

Do you want to have a personal item engraved or marked? We often do that with laser technology.

We have fibre lasers in our workshop for marking all kinds of metal objects, with a maximum range of 800 x 500 x 300 mm (LWH). We also have carbon-dioxide lasers in-house. We use them to mark and cut plastics up to 10 mm thick. The CO2 laser has a range of up to 800 x 500 x 230 mm (LWH).

We can engrave very diverse materials because we work with the best of the best in laser technology. Your items can be given indelible marks without machining. That’s top quality!



We also use high-tech machines for printing. For example, sublimation and full-colour printing of aluminium to plastic and acrylic is a standard service.

Would you like to have a product pressed, engraved or printed from a solid material?

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