Mauquoy medailles

What sets our company apart? Our craftsmen!

A loyal team that melts hearts

We love our craftsmen. Why? Because they enter our workshop every day with a twinkle in their eyes.

They tackle every order they receive with tremendous passion. The pressed and engraved pieces they produce are of unparalleled quality. We are proud that some of them have been part of our team for over 35 years.

Mauquoy? That’s an immensely rich history

We go back a long way, to 1875 to be precise. Mauquoy was founded by Maarten Mauquoy, who left his life's work to his two talented sons. Decades later, the Jansen family took over the helm, having been connected to the Mauquoy family for some time.

The business is still in the hands of the Jansen family to this day, albeit the third generation. And the fourth generation? They are ready to take the helm when it's their turn. We have been realising genuine, top-quality craftsmanship for over 145 years. Isn't that fantastic?


Handmade in Belgium

Sometimes you're looking for that unique piece, in quality you won’t find anywhere else, pressed or milled out of a solid material by local craftsmen. Try knocking on our door.

Every creation is finished by hand. Whether it be one coin or 1,000 identical medals. And we do this in Belgium, right around the corner. This allows us to easily consult with our customers until the final result is exactly what they had envisaged.

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High-tech machines in a gigantic production workshop

Thanks to our 1500 m² production workshop, we have a huge storage area and the space to run dozens of high-tech machines. All for you.

As a result, our range of standard products and custom pieces is endless. Want to have your nameplate or award crafted in our workshop?

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