Awards in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes

We specialize in designing, customizing and personalizing awards. You can make creative combinations with various materials and colours.

On this website you will find numerous standard trophies that you can order quickly and easily. Do you have a tailor-made proposal? Contact us and our team will help you.

We can provide your award with engraved texts and logos. Before we start production, the layout is always approved by you.

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From a solid block to a custom-cut award made of transparent plastic.

An award should be regarded as a reward that gives concrete form to the appreciation and recognition of an achievement. This gift is motivating and undoubtedly contributes to customer loyalty and mutual appreciation.

Glass or crystal awards

Extensive range of shapes and sizes

  • Pyramids
  • Obelisks
  • Globes
  • Stars

Plexiglass awards

From a solid block to a custom-cut award made of transparent plastic.

  • An extensive range of shapes and sizes.
  • Engraving logos and texts with or without colouring
  • Design with integrated lighting
  • Create a unique three-dimensional effect by having objects cast in plexi.

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Customize your awards with 3D engraving.

We engrave text and logos centrally in your award for the personal and professional touch.

Unique custom-made awards

We're never shy away from a challenge.

The personalised awards can be provided with texts and logos by (laser) engraving. Before starting production, we always send you a layout for approval.

Organise an awards show, on behalf of your organisation

When you organise an awards ceremony as a company, it is not just about presenting the awards.

Your event is a complete experience where you continuously surprise all attendees. It's about the recognition your customers deserve.

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