Mauquoy medailles

Have your dies, branding stamps and industrial engravings made by professionals

The best quality is achieved with top-quality tools

Would you like to have a die made for your product? Or are you looking for branding stamps to mark items? Our experienced craftsmen engrave by hand every day. Moreover, we make all our industrial engravings from solid materials. This ensures the best quality.


Branding stamps, printing blocks, punch stamps or press stamps for your company. We make them in solid materials such as brass, cast bronze, cast iron and steel. And naturally, they are entirely custom-made.

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Scales and synoptic panels

Would you like to have scales, synoptic panels or front panels made? We make them in laminated synthetics, acrylic and high pressure laminate, as well as in solid stainless steel, aluminium or copper.

Thanks to our high-tech machinery, we make front or control panels for stereos, computers and other electronic devices from 10 cm in size to as much as 3 metres. We also make synoptic panels in your desired dimensions.

Even the engraving of dimension lines and size markings on your articles is something our craftsmen are happy to take care of.



Would you like to have a die made for specific products, unique coins or a creative design? Our craftsmen create dies for all kinds of sectors every day.

Did you know that all the dies we make are still finished by hand? This ensures that we always deliver impeccable quality, down to the smallest detail.