Engravings with an eye for detail

We engrave:

• with classic milling engraving or laser engraving

• with your own design or one of our designs

• in various materials, such as metal (e.g. stainless steel wine coolers, aluminium business card holders), wood, glass, crystal (e.g. glasses, carafes or bottles) or acrylic. We can also engrave in tin, gold or silver.

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Our various options of industrial engraving are:

• Printing blocks – brass stamps

• Engraving of electrodes

• Identification panels and tag plates

• Inserts and engraving of inserts

• Laser engraving

• Dies and engraving of dies

• Scale bars

• Punch stamps and press stamps

• Synoptic panels and front panels


Industrial engravings

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Would you like to give something a personal touch with your name, logo, a drawing or something else? Looking for original business gifts?

SINCE 1875

What applications do we engrave for?

What started it all is the dies for the production of our medals. Of course, we also engrave for other applications.


Brand stamps – printing blocks – brass stamps

Also called hot foil stamp, embossing or relief stamp. Available in brass


Identification panels and tag plates

From piecework to series, with or without variable data. We engrave all kinds of materials: plastic, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, even glass. This is possible in various finishes and alphabets.


Dies and engraving of dies

Where everything started - since 1875 we have been producing dies for the production of our medals. Obviously we also engrave for third parties.


Scale bars

We engrave dimension lines and size markings on your items. In any size, even if it is 10 cm or 3 metres? No problem!


Synoptic and front panels

We manufacture your control panel from laminated plastic, solid core, aluminium, copper or stainless steel. Fully customised (up to 2 m²) with the desired outer shape and perforations. Texts, pictograms, logos, drawings are engraved and coloured in the desired colour.

Engraving of electrodes

• Direct engraving of your workpiece not possible? It is with spark erosion! A very precise process in which material is removed from a workpiece by means of electricity.

• For this, a spark mandrel (or spark electrode) is used that is made of graphite or red copper. It can be done either flat or on radial.


Laser engraving

• It can be used in various materials, such as metal, wood, leather or even glassware

• Your items can be marked indelibly and without machining.

• We have both Nd:Yag and CO2 lasers.


Some applications:

• Stamps, punchers, dies

• Nameplates, doorbells, signage, promotional gifts, give-aways

• Coding, (re)numbering of products, safety signs

• Rating plates for electrical engineering, machines, badges, etc.

• Logos which may be incorporated into functional applications.

Some material types:

• All engraving materials, plastics and ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

• Other plastics e.g. plexiglass, PVC, Resopal, Trespa, etc.

• Metals, steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, etc.

• Glass, mirrors, ceramics.

• Wood, leather, etc.