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Authorised supplier of regalia for Rotary and more

Are you a member of a service club? 

Then you’re probably looking for pins, collars and jewels. Or a personalised clip with your new chairman’s name on it.

We have been producing Rotary regalia for years, but we also make regalia for numerous other service clubs. Incidentally, did you know that we have many of these items in stock? Naturally, we also do custom work.

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The most international of all service clubs? That’s undoubtedly Rotary. 

It brings together business leaders (Rotarians) who want to provide humanitarian services. 

As an official licensee of Rotary International, we provide many clubs with the necessary Rotary accessories: jewels, collars, bells, badges, and so much more.

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Inner Wheel

We also make jewels, collars and badges for Inner Wheel. Inner Wheel was founded for partners and direct family members of (former) Rotary members who are at least 18 years old.

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Are you a member of Probus, and do you want to have Probus jewels, name tags and collars or badges made? Then Mauquoy is the perfect partner for you!

Incidentally, did you know that the name Probus is an amalgamation of the English ‘Association of retired PROfessional and BUSiness persons’? It was founded in the UK by a Rotarian in 1965. Probus members are at least 55 years old and retired, or about to end their careers.

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