Mauquoy medailles

Give important people and statues a badge

Our craftsmen have been making sashes, pins, jewels and medallions for years

They also do this for the mayors and aldermen of your city or municipality. We are also happy to provide inauguration plaques and engravings for all statues in your area. 

You can choose from solid copper, stainless steel or acrylic, or from aluminium or wood.

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Sashes, pins and medallions for every town councillor

Order your medallions, jewels, pins, alderman and mayoral sashes from us. We have plenty of them in stock. We also make customised sashes according to your design!

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Inauguration plaques and engravings for statues

Give more explanation to a statue in your town or city with a nameplate or engraving. We will also install them using the right materials.


Coins and medals for city events

A proud city has its own coins and medals. Custom-made and with a touch of individuality. 

For the city of Zeebrugge, for example, we made medals that put the winners of the Tall Ships Races in the spotlight. We also created customised coins and medals for the Dennenrun in Herentals and the Sports Council of Amsterdam.

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