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Pins in all shapes and sizes

A big gesture in a small size. Whether it is an official award or a token of appreciation, your logo or occasional design always makes pins or badges personal. With personalised pins, you easily draw attention to your company at events. Customers will recognise you and you will create a sense of belonging among employees.

Clubs and associations can also order metal buttons and badges from us.
For all corporate events, personalised pins are the ideal decoration for your and your employees' costumes. And a nice memento for afterwards!

• There are numerous options available for people who want to immortalise their logo, illustration or text on a pin.

• Each pin is composed of a unique combination of factors, including the shape (the model), the design of the reproduction, the material used and the type of closure.

• For this reason, it is wise to involve us in your plans from the beginning.


Two types of pins


Pressed pins

Pressed – or punched – pins are made with dies. We engrave your logo or text into a die and press that design into a copper plate so that it is embossed. Where necessary, colour is injected manually; and then it may or may not be coated with resin.


Printed pins

With printed pins, your logo is reproduced in quadri print on the badge. Without loss of quality!