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  • 1875: Establishment of Mauquoy
    The company originated when Maarten Mauquoy opened an engraving workshop in Antwerp in 1875. Two of his sons soon joined him at the business: Hubert and Alphonse Mauquoy. The growth of the business necessitated a move from Hopland to the Sint-Jacobsmarkt in Antwerp. Hub Mauquoy died during the Second World War. Alphonse Mauquoy was an experienced sculptor, but not an engraver and certainly not a businessman. Hence the arrival of Edmond Tramaux at the business, a Paris engraver who did have the necessary commercial spirit.
  • 1962: Mauquoy in hands of the Jansen family
    After the death of Alphonse Mauquoy in 1954, Mr Alfred Jansen joined the business in 1957. This was initially for administrative work but he soon became involved with the technical side. Edmond Tramaux died in 1958, and together with Mrs Tramaux and her daughter, Alfred Jansen kept the company going until he gained full ownership in 1962.
  • 1972: Move to Grobbendonk
    After various moves in Antwerp, the building in Grobbendonk was finally bought in 1972. Together with the three sons Michel, Chris and Jan, the company developed to become the most modern producer of medals in Belgium with a technologically advanced engraving workshop.
  • 1992: Alfred Jansen leaves the company
    In 1992 Alfred Jansen left Mauquoy-Tramaux and the three sons succeeded in continuing the further growth of the company.
  • 1996: Structural change
    In 1996 three new companies were set up, each with their own specific character: Mauquoy Medal Company, Mauquoy Engraving Company and Mauquoy Token Company. The name of Mauquoy-Tramaux changed to Mauquoy Trading Company.
  • 2000: Take-over of Graveur Delmotte
    In 2000 Chris and Jan Jansen took over the reins at Mauquoy Token Company (tokens) and moved with it to Olen. The company Monumunt Belgium moves to Grobbendonk. Various take-overs since 2000 ensured the continuous growth of the Mauquoy Group. In 2000 Graveur Delmotte in Antwerp, an engraver with an enviable reputation in the sector, became part of Mauquoy Engraving Company.
  • 2001: Take-over of Chaubet
    In 2001 Mauquoy Medal Company in turn took over the clientele and moulds of the company Chaubet, a workshop in Sint-Gillis where medals and marks of honour were manufactured in an artisanal way.
  • 2006: Take-over of Poortman
    In 2006 Poortman, a permanent fixture in Mechelen for engraving work and trophies, also became part of the Mauquoy Group.
  • 2007: Take-over of Graveur Beerts
    In 2007 Mauquoy decided to offer its customers an even better service from the heart of Antwerp and took over Graveur Beerts, along with machines and engravers who now engrave at the production workshop in Grobbendonk. From new and larger premises in Vleminckveld in Antwerp we are now pleased to offer you advice on all your questions about stamps, name plates, fa├žade plates, bell and bus plates, medals, decorations, awards, etc.
  • 2008: Participating interest in P. De Greef Medailles
    Mauquoy acquired a 50% participating interest in P. De Greef Medailles in Brussels
  • 2011: Take-over of Bonne & Verbeke and Kariz.be
    Mauquoy takes over Bonne & Verbeke in Sint-Niklaas and Kariz.be in Menen.
  • 2014: Royal Warrant Holder, HIB label and more take-overs
    P. De Greef Medailles took over Maison Van Wesel in Brussels.
    Kariz.be takes over plexi processor Piroplex in Desselgem and accordingly widens its range. The activities are transferred to the establishment in Menen.
    Mauquoy is assigned the Handmade In Belgium label (HIB), which is a reward for our high quality products handmade in Belgium.

Under the leadership of the Jansen family, the Mauquoy team now consists of 20 experienced and motivated professionals who together work on the further development of the Mauquoy Group in a pleasant and highly modern environment.

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