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Groundbreaking awards

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Groundbreaking trowel under plexi cube
Groundbreaking trowel under plexi cube
  • Groundbreaking trowel under plexi cube
  • Trowel award in luxury box
  • Construction award: key in Plexiglas
  • Bronze trowel for retirement
  • Casted bricks for groundbreaking ceremony
  • Groundbreaking trowels
  • Groundbreaking souvenir: photo embedded in plexiglas
  • Inauguration helmets casted in plexi
  • Bricks embedded in plexi for groundbreaking ceremony
  • Embedded profiles in plexi
  • Inauguration souvenir: photo embedded in plexi

A groundbreaking ceremony or inauguration is accompanied by a beautiful souvenir of this unique event. Tradition has it that when the first stone of a building, a school ... a construction award like a groundbreaking trowel or other masonry tool is handed over. These can be placed under a Plexiglas cube, mounted on a pedestal or in a luxury box.

These ceremonial trowels are not only used at groundbreakings, but also on retirement of employees, for example, people working in the construction sector.

Also very popular as a inauguration souvenir is the casting of objects in Plexiglas, such as bricks, photos, a key, helmets, profiles ... Text can be engraved in the plexi.

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